21 Sep 2022

5 Ways Students Benefit From Using OKIOCAM

Document cameras have most traditionally been used by teachers to analyze texts and demo techniques, however, the possibilities are endless when you put OKIOCAMs into the hands of the students! It helps to boost collaboration, better engagement between students, and increase creativity within the classroom. Below are 5 unique ways that students can benefit from using OKIOCAM! Right now, we are offering a $20 dollar discount on our OKIOCAM S, so now is the perfect time to grab a set of OKIOCAMs for your students!

I. Virtual Schooling

Teachers are able to give individual tutor time to each student when they are armed with an OKIOCAM! Students can film themselves finishing homework while in a virtual classroom so that teachers can review each student’s homework with ease. This benefit raises the virtual experience to feel like an in-person class where live feedback is being given to each student!

II. Time Lapse and Stop Motion Films

Our free downloadable software, OKIOCAM Time Lapse and OKIOCAM Stop Motion, are the perfect applications to boost creativity in your students. You can ask each student to create their own stop motion film for your art class or have your science learners make a time-lapse video of ice melting to spark discussions about climate change! The possibilities are endless when you give your students this power over their learning.

III. Record the Homework Process

Ever wonder where a student is making a mistake? OKIOCAM for students has the solution! Have each student record their work using an OKIOCAM so that you, the educator, can properly identify where the student is having difficulty solving a problem correctly! This works great for math and English classes.

IV. Pair with Microsoft Flip

Flip is such an accessible and powerful tool for valuing each student’s voice! When students film videos for Flip using OKIOCAM, they are able to film themselves and their work more effectively. The OKIOCAM can be used as both a webcam and a document camera by simply rotating the camera head!

V. At-Home Group Projects

OKIOCAM for students is a perfect way to conduct virtual group projects! Each student can record their portion of the group project where they can put the video together later! This helps the teacher to both see each student’s individual efforts and how well they worked together as a cohort! This works great for history and English projects and dramatically helps to boost collaboration between students.

OKIOCAM-2 in 1 camera