14 Oct 2023

Congratulation Winners of the Special Giveaway with Monica Burns

🎉 Giveaway Winners Announcement 🎉

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our special giveaway with Monica Burns, and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who participated. Your enthusiasm and support have made this event a great success!

After a careful selection process, we are delighted to congratulate the winners who will be receiving a free OKIOCAM S2 Pro for their classroom! Each of the winners will be individually contacted via email to claim their prize.

  1. asp**cer
  2. Lby**es
  3. lis**chitty
  4. peg**.clore
  5. kgr**ssel
  6. efr**ks
  7. Rar**trong
  8. Tri**lea
  9. rwr**ht
  10. jea**ette.wilt
  11. sma**g
  12. shw**son
  13. npa**ey
  14. kim**empsey
  15. del**a.haney
  16. jen**fer.pyott
  17. jac**elyn.parmeley
  18. Ele**s25
  19. oze**er
  20. rac**lpe
  21. sek**gernc
  22. sja**bs
  23. joh**mcginley
  24. smu**olland
  25. hol**edurgapersad
  26. tco**y
  27. kja**s
  28. jsc**chter
  29. sta**ymeyer25
  30. cmi**n

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