19 Jul 2021

Elevate Teaching with a Document Camera and Dry-Erase Board | #ISTELive 2021

The new OKIOCAM is here! Introducing the T-Plus — document camera meets dry-erase board.


For more than forty years, the ISTE conference has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential education events. It’s where educators and education leaders gather to engage in hands-on learning, share best practices and hear from the brightest minds from the world of education and beyond. The annual event attracts over 16,000 attendees and industry representatives.

In this webinar, Educator Sarah McCarthy, from the McCarthy Math Academy, discusses the importance of board writing and why it is still fundamental to learning, and shows us the key features of the new OKIOCAM T-Plus.

Latest Trends in Post-COVID Education
After the past year, there have been a number of trends and shifts in the education field, primarily centred around the adoption of distance, hybrid or blended teaching and learning models. With it now being possible to teach and learn from any location, this has made education accessible to everyone.

With that accessibility comes a wave of opportunities for using and integrating newly-created technologies aimed at serving all educational scenarios, as well as the adaptation of traditional teaching practices to strengthen student engagement.

Writing on the Board: Why Does it Still Work?
What makes writing on the board special? 

  • It is convenient and simple, meaning it requires little set-up, and nothing to go wrong.
  • It encourages more active engagement with the students.
  • It offers a highly collaborative learning environment.
  • Writing facilitates visual learning.
  • It allows the teaching pace to be adjusted according to the learners’ needs.

Why is the OKIOCAM T-Plus a Game Changer?
Quite simply, there is nothing else out there that combines a document camera, front-facing camera and dry-erase board all in one lightweight, portable device.

  • Write directly onto the foldable, dry-erase board baseplate using the dry-erase marker included, or any other dry-erase marker, to demonstrate or show examples.
  • The students can watch as you write, in real-time, through the camera positioned above, maintaining their engagement throughout.
  • No nasty light glare, bad lighting issues, or clarity problems which cause a distraction to students.
  • When you have finished explaining and need to move on to the next point, simply wipe the board clean effortlessly with the wiper provided.

Need more convincing?

  • I know we keep saying it, but the OKIOCAM is compact, and so lightweight and portable that it is able to fit in your pocket easily, giving you the ultimate flexibility to teach from anywhere.
  • OKIOCAM facilitates formative assessment for both online and in-class teaching. Now you can really look over your students’ shoulders to see if they fully comprehend the subject. All at once!
  • OKIOCAM is compatible with all major third-party platforms and applications.