14 Apr 2021

Why OKIOCAM S & T are the best value document cameras — GorillaPhysics

Kit Betts-Masters (GorillaPhysics) discusses OKIOCAM and why it is such a great value document camera. In this video, Kit talks about:

  • The similarities and differences between OKIOCAM S and T.
  • The OKIOCAM apps.
  • What the buttons on OIOCAM do.
  • The recent firmware update for both models.
  • How quick is it to set up OKIOCAM.
  • How and why OKIOCAM is perfect for hybrid learning.

Note: OKIOCAM does not feature a built-in microphone.

Kit Betts-Masters is the Director of Learning Science at Abbeyfield School in Northampton, England. He has over 12 years of experience in teaching science and physics, and holds a Master’s Degree from The University of Edinburgh. Follow Kit on his official website, YouTube channel, and Twitter account.