01 Nov 2021

How Can Teachers Use OKIOCAM To Elevate Classroom Instruction? by Jeff Bradbury

Jeff Bradbury explicates the many ways in which OKIOCAM greatly contributes to improving instruction in his blog, Teacher Cast. OKIOCAM is such an adaptable accessory to your classroom, which makes it the perfect document camera to use whether teaching with a remote, in-person, or hybrid learning model.

  • Discover how OKIOCAM complements all learning models.
  • Learn about each model of OKIOCAM and their individual features.
  • Revolutionize your teaching today!

Jeff Bradbury is a globally recognized educator who is committed to integrating technology and education. He started the educational network, Teacher Cast , as a passion project and it blossomed into so much more. Teacher Cast is ranked in the top 50 education websites and has accumulated a worldwide following. Jeff continually strives to marry education and technology to create innovative techniques for optimizing learning. You can follow him on Twitter at @TeacherCast and @JeffBradbury.