27 Jun 2022

Introducing The OKIOCAM S2 Series and More at ISTELive 22!

OKIOLABS will debut our inaugural premium product series alongside the award-winning OKIOCAM T-Plus at ISTELive 22 in New Orleans from June 27-29. OKIOLABS is proud to unveil two new series of exceptional EdTech devices: The OKIOCAM S2 series and the OKIOCAM X1 and W1. These stellar EdTech innovations reimagine our original products and elevate them to offer more support in your classrooms, online work, and hybrid learning.


The OKIOCAM S2 series is comprised of two different devices. The OKIOCAM S2 and S2 Pro. Both products come with a new glass fiber design to give the utmost stability while presenting content. The small but stable base grants more flexibility and allows the user to maximize viewing content while minimizing table space used.

The OKIOCAM S has been popular with teachers and students in remote & hybrid learning due to its incredibly portable and easy-to-use design. As schools transition back to in-person instruction, we designed the OKIOCAM S2 Pro. This one-of-a-kind camera combines stability, compactness, and functionality that will truly enhance any lesson.


The OKIOCAM W1 and X1 are the high-end solutions to all EdTech needs. Both the OKIOCAM W1 and X1 come equipped with a Sony image sensor, dual microphones, and an adjustable built-in 12-bulb ring light to ensure exceptional audio and visual quality. The W1 and X1 meet all EdTech needs through their ability to function as a document camera and webcam all-in-one.

The X1 is a webcam combined with a high-end document camera where the base is made of premium metal to allow steadiness while transitioning between webcam and document mode. The Sony image sensor is two times larger than that of other cameras on the market, which guarantees extraordinary image performance even in low-light environments. It captures video at 8MP/30fps with an aspect ratio of 16:9 which makes it the perfect fit for all online teaching needs.

Award-Winning OKIOCAM T Plus

The OKIOCAM T Plus was selected as the “Adaptive Learning Innovation of the Year” in the fourth annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by EdTech Breakthrough- a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes top companies and solutions in the global educational technology market.

The OKIOCAM T Plus comes equipped with Lossless Sensor Zoom Technology which enables it to zoom in and out without any loss to image quality so that content is always presented in the best possible light. The base of the OKIOCAM T Plus doubles as a built-in dry erase board so students and teachers alike can present their material no matter the location due to a high-quality non-reflective coating.

ISTELive 22 Booth #1948

OKIOLABS is thrilled to unveil and share these fresh series of EdTech devices and celebrate the stellar original products at the annual ISTELive Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please visit OKIOLABS at booth #1948 for the opportunity to see these new products and learn how they can equip teachers and students to elevate classroom and remote instruction.

There are going to be many exciting presentations occurring throughout ISTE, so please join OKIOLABS in revolutionizing the educational landscape. Stay up to date with all things ISTE and OKIOLABS on social media! 

Schedule of Presentations:
  • Monday, June 27th at 12:00 PM: Elevating your Classroom Instruction with OKIOCAM by Jake Miller.
  • Monday, June 27th at 2:00 PM: New Product Presentation
  • Tuesday, June 28th at 11:15 AM: Student Use of OKIOCAM
  • Tuesday, June 28th at 2:00 PM: New Product Presentation
  • Wednesday, June 29th at 11:15 AM: Student Use of OKIOCAM