19 Sep 2023

Next-gen Document Camera for Classrooms ft. Dr. Monica Burns (@classtechtips)

In September, we partnered with Edtech consultant and expert, Dr. Monica Burns (@classtechtips) as she explored the groundbreaking features of OKIOCAM document cameras and their transformative impact on classrooms. Monica introduces OKIOCAM as a new-generation document camera that promises to revolutionize the traditional doc cam experience.

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New OKIOCAMs boast exceptional image quality, offering students a crystal-clear 4K view of their lessons. What sets them apart from other brands is their accessibility, priced affordably at under $180, making OKIOCAMs attractive options for teachers and schools. Additionally, their compact and portable design allow for versatile placement in the classroom, without hogging valuable desk space.

Monica delves into one of OKIOCAM’s standout features, the OKIOPoint smart visual pointer, included with the OKIOCAM S2 Pro and OKIOCAM W1 models. This innovative tool transforms how teachers interact with their teaching materials, facilitating more engaging and effective lessons.

Setting up the OKIOPoint smart visual pointer is a breeze. By downloading the OKIOCAM Live software, compatible with various operating systems, teachers gain access to a plethora of features that enhance the classroom experience. Monica highlights the ability to personalize teaching avatars, making lessons more captivating as teachers navigate their class materials.

Furthermore, the article explores 4 compelling reasons to incorporate a document camera with smart presentation capabilities, such as OKIOCAMs, into the classroom. It emphasizes the advantages of high camera resolution, the interactive potential of the OKIOPoint smart pointer, the useful ability to highlight critical information, and the camera’s portability, allowing teachers to seamlessly move around the learning space.

To top it off, we collaborated with Monica to share an exciting opportunity for teachers – A special giveaway of 30 OKIOCAM S2 Pro document cameras, just in time for the 2023 school year! Teachers can apply for a chance to win and experience the benefits of this cutting-edge classroom technology.

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