04 Feb 2021

OKIOCAM Helps Teachers Wave Goodbye to Their Messy Desks!

We’ve all seen those doc cam hacks posted on social media. You know the ones — get some string, duct tape, a smartphone, throw in a bit of ingenuity, and you’ve got a perfectly sufficient doc cam! While there’s absolutely no doubt that these makeshift solutions have allowed tons of educators and students to continue their teaching and learning during the global pandemic, it’s quite clear that the architects of these MacGyvered doc cams didn’t have practicality at the forefront of their minds during the design process. 

People have sent us examples of some true monstrosities — smartphones teetering precariously on a stack of books that even the most voracious of readers would take months to get through, tablets propped up by several feet of not-so-stylish PVC pipe, and even doc cam ideas that take advantage of all the out of date canned food in your pantry. While these homemade hacks are super useful in a pinch, they’re no replacement for a purpose-built document camera.

OKIOLABS has allowed lots of educators all across the world to swap their homemade solutions for a stylish, lightweight, compact, fair priced alternative — OKIOCAM. In doing so, they’ve been able to reclaim their desk space and create a tidy, well-organized environment conducive to delivering high-quality remote education. Let’s see some examples!

Anais used a couple of makeshift document camera solutions before she got her hands on an OKIOCAM. She was using the book method mentioned earlier, as well as a homemade tripod made out of a portion of a Rock Band drumkit and some tape! You can see the homemade tripod in the background of the picture she shared. 

While Anais definitely receives full marks for creativity, there’s no doubt that it was a little bit of an eyesore! We’re delighted she was able to pick up an OKIOCAM and say “bye-bye” to all the solutions of the past! The third time’s a charm, Anais!

Allison shared the rather elaborate setup up she was using before discovering OKIOCAM. She was balancing her tablet on a repurposed locker shelf, which was then in turn balanced on a small step stool. Inventive? No doubt! Asking for a rather expensive, tablet-related accident? Most certainly!

Allison received her OKIOCAM as part of our OKIOSHARE program. We were really excited to be able to help her out and level up her distance learning game! Thanks, Allison!

Alicia uses her OKIOCAM in Laptop mode to save maximum desk space. OKIOCAM’s innovative design means that you can have a fully-functional document camera on your desk with essentially no footprint. Remember those bulky document cameras of yesteryear that take up half your desk and are a real pain to move around? With OKIOCAM, you haven’t got to worry about any of that! Thanks for sharing, Alicia!

To read more about all of OKIOCAM’s modes visit www.okiolabs.com/okiocam

Similarly to Alicia, Christia is able to create an ultra-clean setup using her OKIOCAM. However, Christia is using her OKIOCAM with the base completely folded. When you don’t wish to place your laptop on your OKIOCAM and you don’t need to use the base as a surface to write on, this is a great option. 

Thank you for sharing, Christia! We’re sure the kids had great fun learning about coding!

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