23 Jul 2021

OKIOCAM T Plus Review by Sarah McCarthy

Ms. Sarah McCarthy of McCarthy Math Academy shares her thoughts on the new OKIOCAM T Plus. As an educator and content creator, Sarah constantly searches for technologies that would make her work easy and would bring education-related videos to life.

  • OKIOCAM T Plus is compact and convenient compared to most document cameras that are clunky and big
  • Easy to use and requires no set-up. The OKIOCAM T Plus also comes with buttons functions where you can easily adjust contrast and focus, and easily zoom in and out.
  • Lastly: this new model comes with a dry-erase board, where you can easily write and clean off using the dry-erase marker and wiper, which are included on the kit.

What are you waiting for? Grab your own OKIOCAM T Plus now!

Sarah McCarthy also partnered up with OKIOLABS where she talked about the challenges (and solutions) to the Post-COVID classroom and the benefits of board writing in student learning. You can find Sarah on her Youtube channel, Instagram, and Facebook.