05 Jun 2021

OKIOCAM Unboxing: Document Camera for Artists & Art Teachers!

In this video, Beth Gatza from Beth Gatza Art YouTube channel reviews the OKIOCAM S document camera alongside substantially more expensive brands, and shows off her favorite features of each one.

  • View how to correctly set up the OKIOCAM S and the ease of installing the apps and extensions.
  • Learn how small, light, and compact the OKIOCAM S is compared to the heavier and bulkier competition and which one is better for moving from place to place.
  • Experience the benefits of the onion skinning function and how it can help for stop-motion animation.
  • Discover some of the in-built background music soundtracks to make any stop-motion or time-lapse complete.

Beth Gatza is an Art Teacher, Artist, YouTuber, and mother, based in Southern California. To view her website and artwork click here. Follow Beth on her YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook account.