29 Mar 2022

OKIOLABS A10 Review: Low Dough Tech

Paddy Cochenour from the popular Youtube channel, Low Dough Tech, recently did an honest review of the brand new OKIOLABS A10. Paddy began Low Dough Tech in 2019 where he focuses on informing his viewers about different high-quality yet low-cost tech devices! In his video, Paddy does a live demonstration of the A10’s AI Auto Framing function and discusses the various functions and specifications.

“Out of the box, without any changes to the settings made for this webcam, I’m pretty impressed…I’ve reviewed a lot of webcams, and most webcams right out of the box, don’t look this good!” -Low Dough Tech

Some of Low Dough Tech’s favorite features include:

  • AI Auto Framing
  • Superb Camera Quality
  • Cost-effective Webcam