Bundle Up!

Elevating your content is simple when you incorporate our microphone and document camera into your life!

Whether you are a content creator, educator, or working professional, this dynamic duo helps you to boost student engagement, transform your content, and increase your productivity!

Capturing Your Audio Clearly

Possesses a cardioid directional microphone that will capture crystal clear audio from directly in front of the microphone while simultaneously ensuring to diminish any unwanted audio from behind or to the sides of the microphone.

The condenser microphone helps to capture rich and clear sound to make your recorded audio perfect.

Total Recording Control

Flexibly adjust microphone sensitivity (gain level) using the volume knob to ensure that your audio recording fits your needs perfectly!

Simply turn the knob left or right to decrease or increase the gain so that the volume intensity is always just right!

Start Recording Instantly

The M100 is a plug and play microphone that takes only a matter of seconds to set up which allows you to focus on presenting the highest quality content possible.