Your Personal Cameraman for Live Presentations

OKIOCAM Live is designed for live presentations, letting you display your camera feed on a larger screen or conferencing app.

The app comes with new exciting features that you have been asking for — Live Annotation, PiP (Picture-in-picture), and exclusive Presentation Modes to be used together with our new OKIOPoint smart visual pointer.

Zoom and Follow

Zoom and follow is the default mode when you turn on the OKIOPoint feature in the OKIOCAM Live App for the first time. In this mode, the camera will zoom in at the place you point with your OKIOPoint. You can customize the Pan Speed and the  Zoom Multiplier.

Great for:

  1. In-class read-alouds.
  2. Close ups on pictures and graphics.
  3. Creating variety to make your audience alert while they follow your movement!


In Highlight mode, only a small area next to where you are pointing is shown clearly to make it easy to see where everyone should be focusing on now. The Width and Height of the area can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Great for:

  1. Minimizing distractions when reading.

Fluorescent Marker

In this mode, a small area you are pointing at will be highlighted just like how you would highlight certain parts of a text using a highlighter to let students know that “this is important”! You can take snapshots at any point of your presentation on the App and distribute the shots as review materials after.

Great for:

  1. Highlighting an important section of the text.
  2. Highlighting a math formula that’ll be on the test!


Underline mode is perfect for teaching kids how to read graphs. As a bonus, it makes it much easier for teachers to line up the names with numbers in attendance registers and grade books too!

Great for:

  1. Teaching young students how to read graphs.
  2. Reading data.


Bring a theatrical spark into your lessons! Spotlight mode shows whatever you are pointing at in the spotlight, while darkening the surrounding areas.

Great for:

  1. Playing games in class.
  2. Making reading roleplays more fun.

Other Features (can be used without OKIOPoint)


Freeze a frame of interest and make annotations in class to enhance visual memory, take a snapshot, and save it for future review. Includes handy functions like freehand drawing, framing, lines, and arrows.
Text box function coming soon!

Secondary Camera (PiP)

With the built-in PiP function, you can easily show your face using a second camera (another OKIOCAM or webcam) at the same time as you show your work with your main OKIOCAM camera. This way, you can strengthen relationships during online presentations by showing your personality to the audience!