23 Dec 2021

Stop Motion Animation: Behind the Scenes!

I am sure that you have thought of many ways to incorporate OKIOCAM into your classroom, but I want to highlight one of my favorite features of OKIOCAM, Stop Motion. OKIOCAM’s Stop Motion software helps you spark your kids’ creativity within the classroom!

In order to get into the Holiday Spirit, the Marketing team at OKIOLABS decided to create their very own Stop Motion Film-The Making of a Snowman. To get started, we created a backdrop to set the scene for our stop motion film. Don’t forget to properly light the set of your stop motion so that you have the best possible image for your film. The brightness can be adjusted on the left side of the Stop Motion Screen.

These are all the materials used to create our stop motion video!

The classic version of stop motion animation uses 10 frames per second! The OKIOCAM Stop Motion software allows you to adjust this rate so that your finished product aligns perfectly with your creative vision!

Did you forget exactly where your last image was? Don’t worry because our software comes equipped with onion skinning capabilities so that you know exactly where your last image was.

This stop motion film was such a joy to make! While this finished stop motion is almost 18 seconds long, it took about 3 hours to make! This time includes gathering materials, setting up the workspace, making props and backdrop, and filming the stop motion animation. We hope that you enjoy it!

Download OKIOCAM Stop Motion Software here.

The possibilities are endless. Use OKIOCAM Stop Motion Software:

  • In science class to track the growth of a plant over time!
  • In art class to show the making of a student’s project! 
  • In English or history class to have students retell a story that you learned!

Stop Motion can be used in a multitude of ways and we want you to share with us how you use this incredible tool to elevate your classroom instruction! Please follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and let us know how OKIOCAM Stop Motion is empowering you and your students to create amazing content!