07 May 2022

The OKIOLABS A10: A Must-Have EdTech Tool

Webcams have traditionally been used for personal or business-related reasons, however, the OKIOLABS A10 has a multitude of features that make it a must-have EdTech tool to include in your classroom! The AI Auto Tracking feature and 125° field of view make the OKIOLABS A10 stand out amongst most other webcams and assist you in elevating the learning experience for your students! While the possibilities are limitless, the OKIOLABS team has outlined three different unique ways that you can use the OKIOLABS A10 to elevate your classroom experience!

Classroom Projects

The AI Auto Tracking feature of the A10 will intelligently track your students as they move across the room. It automatically pans and zooms to make sure that all students will stay perfectly framed in view.  This presents an opportunity to conduct an immersive language presentation, where students walk around the classroom explaining different items in the classroom in the foreign language! The OKIOLABS A10 is a plug-and-play webcam with little to no set up which makes it ideal for student use! A former OKIOLABS Educator of the Month, Chris Wysocki, had this to say about the A10 for classroom use: “Since it is plug-and-play, students could also connect to their Chromebooks to record higher quality presentations using the tripod for set-up. Additionally, students could use the wide lens to film group presentations and book discussions.”

It’s also a perfect opportunity for teachers to demonstrate different techniques for cooking or technical industries! Chris also noted that “teachers can use the tripod to film demos such as in cooking classes, technical classes, or any class where the teacher may have to move around as the A10’s autofocus ‘follows’ them!”

Video Conferencing

The wide-angle lens and dual built-in stereo grade microphones can be used for video conferencing by both teachers and students! If teaching remotely, educators are able to walk around the classroom easily showing both themselves and their content without worrying if everything is included in the frame. As technology is allowing us to connect more with people across the world, the OKIOLABS A10 allows you to include a large group of students in the frame! Chris had this to say about the A10: “Teachers can use the wide-angle lens to fit a group of students in the frame as the video conference with guest speakers. We have had two such situations at our site with a German language class meeting a class from Germany, and another pop-in discussion about AI with professors in the library!”

Science Fun

The OKIOLABS A10 is perfect for conducting science experiments with your students! The ultra-wide field of view allows you to see everything that your students are creating. Whether you are filming an egg-drop experiment or creating your own volcano explosion, the A10 is capable of capturing all of your students in the fun!

As you can see, the A10 is an incredibly powerful EdTech device that can dramatically improve the learning experience for your students. We want to hear from you! Let us know on Twitter how you would use the A10 in the classroom. Shop the A10 here, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where you can stay up to date with everything happening at OKIOLABS. Also, a special thank you to Chris Wysocki for assisting us in creating this blog post. We appreciate you!