26 Sep 2023

Can I Use a USB Document Cameras With an Interactive Whiteboard (IWBs)

interactive whiteboards
Using OKIOCAM X1 USB document camera with the interactive whiteboard in the Classroom

OKIOLABS offers a wide range of UVC-compliant (USB-powered) document cameras that can be plugged into a computer or interactive whiteboards (IWBs) easily, unlike many old traditional document cameras which do not offer a USB plug.

A USB document camera is the most versatile type of camera to get for daily school use as these cameras are plug & play with the teachers’ computers and classroom IWBs, and work automatically with their system supplied drivers (meaning that you don’t need to install drivers separately).

With the increased popularity of interactive whiteboards in the classrooms, we compiled a list of major interactive whiteboard brands that have been tested for compatibility with our USB document cameras.

Let us know if you have used OKIOCAM with another display that’s not listed below and we’ll update our list. We appreciate you assisting us in providing the most accurate information for other educators!


SMART’s iQ platform supports UVC cameras like the OKIOCAM. If your school uses a SMART Board display model with iQ, you can directly plug any OKIOCAM into one of the USB ports. Then, open the built-in camera app, and the image from your document camera should appear. You can also use our doc cams with popular conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.

If your SMART Board does not have iQ, you will have to connect the OKIOCAM to a computer, and then mirror the computer’s image on your display. Learn more about SMART Boards.

Promethean ActivPanel Board

To use an OKIOCAM document camera with your Promethean board, connect the camera to the interactive whiteboard via the USB port and open up the camera app. Same as with SMART boards, you can also use our document camera through a teacher’s computer. When using OKIOCAM through a computer, you can enjoy additional features offered in our free software (compatible with Windows PC, Macs, and Chromebooks).

Learn more about Promethean Boards.

Viewsonic ViewBoard

Simply connect the OKIOCAM to your ViewBoard and open their built-in camera app to view the camera feed.

Learn more about Viewboards.

Newline Interactive Whiteboards

Simply connect the OKIOCAM to your Newline Interactive Display and open their built-in camera app to view the camera feed.

Learn more about Newline Interactive Displays.

What software can I use to view my camera image?

When connecting OKIOCAM directly to interactive whiteboards and displays

Most IWBs come with embedded camera applications that allow you to view the image from USB document cameras. All you need to do is connect your OKIOCAM to the IWB, open the app, and select OKIOCAM as the input device. Moreover, if your IWB has a built-in PC like some SMART Board models, you can install OKIOLABS software on your IWB and enjoy our exclusive smart presentation features.

When connecting OKIOCAM to a teacher’s computer, and then the computer to the interactive whiteboard

OKIOLABS offers a wide variety of free document camera software and customization options for OKIOCAM. Download the software that meet you needs and start exploring exciting features! We recommend using the OKIOCAM Live application with the newer S2 Pro, X1, and W1 models to enjoy our exclusive smart presentation features.

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