19 Apr 2021

Using OKIOCAM and self-explanation to teach and learn new skills

Kit Betts-Masters (GorillaPhysics) talks about how to use OKIOCAM and evidence-backed, self-explanation techniques to unlock innovative methods of teaching and learning in the classroom.

Some of the points Kit mentions:

  • Why self-explanation is so important and how to get better at it.
  • How to use OKIOCAM Stop Motion to make self-explanation videos.
  • How teachers can implement student self-explanation assignments and presentations into their classes.
  • How students benefit from self-explanation and why they enjoy it when it’s incorporated into their learning.

Kit Betts-Masters is the Director of Learning Science at Abbeyfield School in Northampton, England. He has over 12 years of experience in teaching science and physics, and holds a Master’s Degree from The University of Edinburgh. Follow Kit on his official website, YouTube channel, and Twitter account.