16 Jan 2021

Work Smarter With OKIOCAM for Google Forms

Google Forms is immensely popular survey administration software offered by Google as part of their Google Docs Editors Suite. It’s a great tool for creating surveys and offering them online. It interfaces exceptionally well with Google Sheets, making it one of the best ways to import data directly into spreadsheets. 

OKIOCAM for Google Forms provides you with a great way to speed up your workflow when inserting images taken using your OKIOCAM into Google Forms. Read on to learn how you can do so!

You can download the OKIOCAM for Google Forms add-on from here.

To install the add-on, click Install.

Once installed, you will find OKIOCAM for Google Forms by clicking the Add-ons icon. Click Run to launch it.

Once launched, you can use OKIOCAM for Google Forms to take snapshots using your OKIOCAM and insert them directly into your forms.

Take a snapshot
Insert it into your form

You can also insert pictures saved in your Google Drive.

This photo is saved in the My Pictures folder in my Google Drive

You can download OKIOCAM for Google Forms from here.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article or if you have any difficulty using OKIOCAM for Google Forms, please contact our support team here.

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